Tuesday, June 30, 2009

American Female Recklessness Abroad

Since American females are handled with great deference in the US, many are harmed or even killed when the venture abroad.

Take Natalie Holloway to the right. Her social conditioning failed to give her pause at the thought of boozing and picking up one night stands in Aruba. As most of us know, she is presumed to be dead.

To the left is Sara Kuszak who was killed while jogging in crime ridden Puerto Rico. She obviously was oblivious to the risks of jogging on a foreign milieu.

Feminism teaches women that they can do it all, and chivalry teaches them to believe it. Outside of the US, the rules are different. Tragedies like this are avoidable, but they will persist for some time given the naive mentality of feminism-infected girls abroad.

Women's Selfishness Often Harms Animals

American women often pontificate about how much they "love" animals and want to do everything they can to protect them; yeah right.

These women who profess to love animals, in my experience, simply wish to satiate their need for warmth and physical contact and to "feel important."

I once befriended an outdoorsy girl who approached every animal to feed it caress it and "experience" it. I explained to her that feeding and establishing contact with wild animals is to the animals' detriment since it erodes the natural fear for humans and therefore subjects the animals to risky encounters with other humans later on. She, of course reacted with hostility and shouted she "wanted to do it."

What this taught me is that these animal lovers only love animals to the extent that it suits them, not the animals. This is typical American female ego-centrism.

Leave the animals alone and appreciate them from afar or at a petting zoo! You are doing them no favors.

Monday, June 29, 2009

This Is Why I Cannot Relate To American Women

This woman's stupidity is clear. I find that most American women I encounter or find attractive are not far off from this. I would never want a woman of this nature to rear any children!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

You Need To Take Some Viagra!

What is behind the Viagra craze in America? I believe it is unattractive American women who feel no obligation to keep themselves attractive to men, that's what!

The irony is that women typically blame men for "erectile dysfunction," but it is women themselves who tend to be so repulsive that many men are not sexually aroused by them.

Since America does not hold women accountable for this (or for most other things for that matter) the myth about the male need for Viagra will persist.

Men sexually respond to attractive women, period. If you are a women who has a man with erectile dysfunction, I put it to you that a younger, thinner, more attractive woman would instantly cure him of this "ailment."

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Would You Trust This Arrogant Nerd's Financial Advice?

Sometimes we Americans can allow our financial better judgment to be suspended by clever marketing, polished wall street analysts, and the seductive power of CNBC, CNNf, etc. It was not enough to endure the dot.com bubble from 1995-2001. Oh no, Americans listened to the same pinheads tell them to stay fully invested for the long term, and to diversify their portfolios over a wide variety of stock classes.

Those who fell for this nonsense are now paying the price for their misplaced trust.

I removed the greater portion of my stock holdings in 2007 in reaction to the felling of market overvalue. My reaction was private as I did not want to subject myself to the jeers of my peers. I have been vindicated, no doubt, by the market drop of 2008-2009.

The myth of "diversifying" over a wide variety of stock classes is not diversification AT ALL. I fell for this scam back in the late 1990's but then noticed that all stocks (even international ones) were highly correlated in trend. No variety of stock classes would have saved anyone in the current downturn!

My point of this piece is to urge you to spread your assets between US dollars in a reputable US credit union (not a bank); a Euro cash account in a country like Switzerland, Germany, or France; the US stock market (10 to 25 percent according to your time horizen); a municipal bond fund; and precious metals like gold and silver (via ETFs like GLD or SLV). This is the diversification.

I do believe we all should be dollar cost averaging into the US stock market at the present time, but we should be doing it moderately and with the intention to continue over the next several years.

US stocks will correct again and again. When the doom and gloom are heavy on CNBC, that is the time to take chunks of your wealth and bottom feed an S&P 500 or Wilshire 4500 fund. This is called contrarian investing and you will reap great rewards if you can purchase cheap shares when the pessimism is high.

Resist the nerds who want to be fully invested at all times so their fees can still be generated from your holdings. They are out for their interests, not yours. You've been warned.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Depraved American Woman

This week will mark my temporary return to the United States after six years abroad. I actually look forward to several things: seeing my family, tasting my favorite dining fare, PBS, and the anonymity of being on my home turf.

I do not, however, look forward to having to interact with the contemporary American woman. I will make nice when I am ordering at Starbucks, or when I am on a commuter train, or when I am forced to interact in any way shape or form. But my experiences with women in "Developing Europe" have unearthed a disturbing truth, that American women are my enemy. Sure there are a few nice, classy, and kind-hearted American women, but they, as a group, are a menace to the souls of good American men. Feminism has ruined them to the point where they cannot think logically, and they always primed to expect both deference and equality, (with equality actually being preference in practice.)

I will, however, enjoy how the recession is exposing American women for what they are, parasitic, materialistic bores who inevitably undergo metamorphosis into the worthless hags who proclaim that "50 is the new 30." Yeah right!

I do want to mention that I advocate no physical harm to American women (unless in the name of justified self defense), but I do wish American men would collectively wise up and consider how American women act against their interests.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

"Some" Americans Abroad

Yesterday I had some American redneck approach me as if we are buddies. Apparently someone tipped him off that I too am an American.

What never ceases to amaze me overseas is that the same type of American who would have nothing to do with me in the US, suddenly behaves like a kindred spirit overseas. Not a chance! I don't gravitate toward rednecks in the states and I won't do it abroad. Sure, there is something to be said for seeing a fellow American in a faraway land. But don't come off like we are old buds when in the states we would consider each other a virtual menace.

Might I be a little harsh to a redneck's overture of friendliness? Perhaps, but consistency is a virtue that I respect. Furthermore, I have often sensed the underlying class tensions in my interactions with people of this ilk, friendly overtures notwithstanding.

So if you see me in another country. Don't come up to chat unless you would be inclined to do the same in the US!