Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Myth of the Independent American Woman

One of the most prevalent myths perpetuated by American women is that of the "independent woman."

In reality, American women, regardless of class and ethnicity, are greatly dependent on the resources of others. The route to female affluence in America is rarely due to their own financial accomplishments. Women usually ride the support train of their fathers, their husbands and their ex husbands. If we take a look at who financed the higher education of your average professional women, it is usually family and not self-financed. Then, when these high-achieving women decide to marry, they usually marry higher income men to further buttress their "declaration of independence" war chests.

Increasingly, these restless women initiate divorce when they feel enabled enough to cash out of the marriage and go it alone. Alimony and child support are enforced by the state to supplement the lifestyles of these women. Afterward, the women hold themselves up as independent when the path to their affluence was based on parasitic financial relationships with men; how ironic.

Feminism has made American women independent of the need for husbands, but their quasi-independence is predicated on wealth re-distribution of the family courts, and of the state entitlement systems.

American women are exploiters of male financial wherewithal. It starts in childhood and continues well into adulthood. What gets me is this delusion that they are self-made independent women when in fact they are leeches, spurred on by mass media and the consumption ethic of pop culture.

American men need to recognize this and protect the fruits of their labor accordingly.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Iran dumps US dollar for euro.

Arabian Business reports that the Iranian government and its President ordered the removal of the US dollar to be replaced by the Euro, which was introduced in 1999, in order to protect themselves from the crumbling United States economy and devaluing dollar.

The Euro will be the calculating factor of the Oil Stabilization Fund (OSF), which is a fund that is set up to help the Iranian economy against fluctuating oil prices. It is also set up to help both the public and private sectors with their currency needs by extending loans.

Iran's Central Bank deputy chief Reza Raei stated in December, according to Iran Daily, that the nation’s foreign exchange reserves were over $80 billion.
Since the inception of the Euro in 1999, it has gain popularity by many nations and businesses across the globe. Currently, there are more Euros than dollars in circulation. After it was introduced in 1999, Iraq, at the time having the second-largest oil reserves, traded its oil in Euros.

Venezuela has also pressured OPEC to abandon the US dollar, according to ADN Kronos.

The Coming Collapse of the Dollar, Part 1

While I am by no means an economist, I do have enough common sense to know that the reckless spending and monetary policies being pursued will diminish the value to the US Dollar in short measure.

Prepare yourselves now by spreading your assets in other currencies like the Euro, and precious metals like gold and silver. If you are in cash, US interest rates may skyrocket so that's the silver lining for savers but who knows how much those savings gains will be worth relative to the lost dollar value.

The Coming Collapse of the Dollar, Part 2

This is the second part for those so inclined....

Friday, October 2, 2009

Chicago Received No Votes From the Olympic Committee!

I'm not sure what the White House was thinking when they thought Chicago had a chance to land the next summer games. Rio got the nod and good on them. That is a world class city just brimming with appeal.

Chicago makes me yawn. The fact that President Obama, Oprah, and the PR team that bungled the presentation felt that Chicago is even in the same class as Rio, Tokyo, and and Madrid is a testament that the decline of America is lost in many American minds.

Congratulations Rio.