Saturday, January 20, 2018

Make A Choice American Men, Either Rise Up or Go Abroad!

The current groundswell of awareness among American men that feminism, the mainstream media, educational institutions, and American women have long conspired to keep men manipulated and under control is encouraging.  However, what is the next step to righting the wrongs that are being exacted against men in legislatures, courtrooms, and workplaces across the country?  There are two options aware men should consider, hastening the collapse and rebuild, or going abroad to opt out of the society.

The election of Donald Trump was the shot across the bow for gynocentric America, but it is a day late and a dollar short.  President Trump could never achieve a complete reset of American society and culture without the assistance of collapse.  Perhaps this is why he is provoking North Korea, Turkey, and America's historic allies.  Whatever the case, he seems to be aware that only a catastrophic event can justify rebuilding the society in a way that avoids the mistakes of permitting women to vote, and immigrants to overrun this nation.

I, being a Man Going His Own Way (MGTOW), have seen the writing on the wall for decades so I have carved out an existence for myself abroad.  My ancestors came to America and I had the prerogative to leave it.  Don't be afraid to do the same because in this way, the gynocentric system of power will starve from a brain and wealth drain of its most able men abandoning ship.

But the important point is that American men MUST do something instead of sitting by idly and taking the losses by the day.  Do what you can to save yourself and restore the proper and natural balance of power between men and women without state interference.  It is not enough for America to proudly declare that it is still the greatest country in the world when it treats its men as second class citizens.  Do something to hasten the Great Reset or simply opt out of living in America to starve it of your talent and money.