Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Depraved American Woman

This week will mark my temporary return to the United States after six years abroad. I actually look forward to several things: seeing my family, tasting my favorite dining fare, PBS, and the anonymity of being on my home turf.

I do not, however, look forward to having to interact with the contemporary American woman. I will make nice when I am ordering at Starbucks, or when I am on a commuter train, or when I am forced to interact in any way shape or form. But my experiences with women in "Developing Europe" have unearthed a disturbing truth, that American women are my enemy. Sure there are a few nice, classy, and kind-hearted American women, but they, as a group, are a menace to the souls of good American men. Feminism has ruined them to the point where they cannot think logically, and they always primed to expect both deference and equality, (with equality actually being preference in practice.)

I will, however, enjoy how the recession is exposing American women for what they are, parasitic, materialistic bores who inevitably undergo metamorphosis into the worthless hags who proclaim that "50 is the new 30." Yeah right!

I do want to mention that I advocate no physical harm to American women (unless in the name of justified self defense), but I do wish American men would collectively wise up and consider how American women act against their interests.