Sunday, January 9, 2011

Congresswoman Shot By Deranged Gunman. Judge Killed Too But He's A Man So Who Cares?

This occurance is one of those times that makes me get off my duff and post again after several months.  It is quite horrifiying to learn that a public servant has been shot while doing the people's work.

I do not know much about Congressman Giffords, but I do know this is not a good thing.  The rhetoric of the Tea Party has claimed it first victim.  Most of us remember Sarah Palin aluuding to "Second Amendment solutions, and "Reload."  Well it likely played a role in the current anti-government environement we are seeing.

Another troubling aspect to this tragedy is the fact that  United States Judge John Roll was killed in the incident yet, most of the press coverage and outpouring of concern is for Congresswoman Giffords even though she is still alive and expected to recover.  Misandry is a difficult habit to break it seems.

Whatever the case, I wish a speedy recovery to all the injured and my condolences to the family of Judge Roll.  Let's hope this does not encourage any copycat attacks because this nation can ill afford it.