Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Women's Selfishness Often Harms Animals

American women often pontificate about how much they "love" animals and want to do everything they can to protect them; yeah right.

These women who profess to love animals, in my experience, simply wish to satiate their need for warmth and physical contact and to "feel important."

I once befriended an outdoorsy girl who approached every animal to feed it caress it and "experience" it. I explained to her that feeding and establishing contact with wild animals is to the animals' detriment since it erodes the natural fear for humans and therefore subjects the animals to risky encounters with other humans later on. She, of course reacted with hostility and shouted she "wanted to do it."

What this taught me is that these animal lovers only love animals to the extent that it suits them, not the animals. This is typical American female ego-centrism.

Leave the animals alone and appreciate them from afar or at a petting zoo! You are doing them no favors.

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