Saturday, October 27, 2012

Before You Vote, Know That "It's NOT The Economy Stupid!"

The Presidential candidates are remarkable in their ability to convince Americans that the economy and taxes are the biggest issues at stake on November 6th.  The reality is that regardless of which candidate wins, the economy will react to global market forces similarly.  Demanding that the candidate focus on "creating jobs" in the private industry is based on a pipe dream.

For men, this election is really about seeing the Supreme Court (and other federal courts) continuing to be occupied by Sonya Sotomayors and Elena Kagans who have been programmed since undergraduate school to advance the feminist legal agenda.  Keep in mind that for every feminist Justice on the US Supreme Court, there are hundreds more working as judges in the Federal District Courts, and Federal Circuit Courts of Appeal.  The President appoints ALL federal judges, so keep that in mind before you actually vote.

This election is really about ending the fiscally parasitic wars that sap the strength from this nation, and kill off or maim thousands of our best and brightest men.

This election is really about a Department of State that finances with your dollars male circumcisions, women's health clinics, micro-finance loans for female businesses, and other discriminatory feminist initiatives that Hilary Clinton oversees.

This election is really about allowing the Obama-signed FATCA law to remain intact so that internationally-minded men like you and me are prevented from legally storing wealth abroad.  FATCA is so onerous, that many foreign banks are now beginning to refuse new American clients!  This benefits the US federal government so wealth stays here.

This election is really about immigration amnesty which would allow undocumented immigrants to be permitted to stay thereby deflating wages and displacing native-born American workers.

This election is really about getting America back to where men were men, or moving America forward to where men are indistinguishable from women.

The choice is yours, but don't let anyone tell you the candidates represent the same interests or that this election is all about the economy.

Vote to reignite manhood in America!  No excuses.........