Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Is Misogyny Justifed?

Misogyny can be defined as either the hatred of women OR the lack of trust of women. Feminists tend to view it as the former only when they attempt to shame rational men, but it more commonly is simple lack of trust.

I am a misogynist and without apology. However, I am very fond of certain women that I choose to have in my life. What gives?

We first must understand that at a very basic level, women are programmed by nature and social conditioning to dispossess men of resources in whatever way they can.

-Some women use wiles and attraction to prompt men to willingly use or give resources to women (ie marriage).

-Some women engage in "damseling" to ignite the rescuer impulse in men (I lost my cellphone on my date with you! Oh, honey let me buy you a brand new one!).

-Some women shame men into buying them drinks as a gauge for future resource grabs.

-Some women accept money or gifts for sex (prostitution and Sugar Baby activity).

-Some women befriend men at work so the willingly men take on the women's work for a fake hint of sexual favors later.

-Some women strategically pull legal levers against men in the form of fake or frivolous lawsuits to strong-arm monetary settlements or judgments from men (EEO complaints and divorce).

-Some women nag, stress-out, hen-peck their men into an early grave, or they procure the killings of their husbands for insurance money and resource grabs.

-Some women bat their eyelashes and repeat how much they like something to trigger the, "Let me get that for your dear" impulse in men.

You get the point......

Women, with the aid of the state and other men, want what you have to offer. And some will use passive means to get it and others more active means. This is their primal charge in life.

With this in mind, misogyny (in the context of lack of trust) is morally justified even in the face of feminist screams of, "You're a misogynist pig who hates women!" which is nothing but an attempt to put you on the defensive and prove otherwise to gain female approval/potential sexual access.

This is not to deny the existence of exceptional women who have the intellect and grit to override this female imperative, but as we know exceptions cannot disprove what is generally true.

The man who generally "trusts" women, is either a fool or a future man-slave in the making.

If you are not a misogynist (in the lack of trust sense), you had better be one soon before you are eventually duped like most men.

Read more about this in Esther Vilar's groundbreaking book, "The Manipulated Man." It will change your life.