Tuesday, June 30, 2009

American Female Recklessness Abroad

Since American females are handled with great deference in the US, many are harmed or even killed when the venture abroad.

Take Natalie Holloway to the right. Her social conditioning failed to give her pause at the thought of boozing and picking up one night stands in Aruba. As most of us know, she is presumed to be dead.

To the left is Sara Kuszak who was killed while jogging in crime ridden Puerto Rico. She obviously was oblivious to the risks of jogging on a foreign milieu.

Feminism teaches women that they can do it all, and chivalry teaches them to believe it. Outside of the US, the rules are different. Tragedies like this are avoidable, but they will persist for some time given the naive mentality of feminism-infected girls abroad.


  1. Thanks to getting away with everything; thanks to not being held accountable while growing up; these girls thought that they wouldn't be held accountable for their actions, either.

  2. Yes indeed. Foreign countries, especially those with significant poverty, are not places to expect that social "bubble of protection" that women enjoy in the US.