Sunday, July 2, 2017

Banning Islam Is The Only Solution

Modern life in the West now includes the ever present threat of Islamic attacks.  Although Islam, as a quasi-religion, enjoys protections under the guise of religion, it is an ideology pure and simple.  Nazism and Communism never enjoyed the unfettered and unassailable existence that Islam currently does.  That is why a new paradigm is needed: The banning of Islam from the West.

Currently political leadership in the West, with the exception of President Trump, are not yet able to get their minds around the only solution to Islamic terror wreaking havoc in polite society.  So this will be a long and painful process.  As more and more carnage piles up in the streets of the West, people will become more and more angry with the lack of effective action on the part of their leaders.  They will vote out the Angela Merkels and Emmanuel Macron's for pragmatic leaders who will wage effective wars against the Islamic incursion.

One country will have to take the lead and simply ban Islam and the rest will follow.  This ban of Islam will likely come from an Eastern European nation like Czech Republic or Hungary and this will set off a cascading trend among other Western nations.  The major Western powers will be the last to make these changes due to their tendancy towards politically correct brainwashing, but the changes will occur.

Predictably , this will set off a massive explosion of violence in societies with significant Islamic populations and wars of Islamic purging will be the result.

The problem of Islamic terrorism is but the latest offensive of the Neo-Ottoman's who want to retake the world.  They failed in the past and they will likely fail again, but the West needs to prepare itself for the fight that is coming.  That means:

-Acknowledging Islam as an existential threat.
-Banning additional Muslims from immigrating into the West.
-Banning Islamic activity as national security threats.
-Neutralizing recalcitrants Islamists in the West.
-Requiring Westernization of all Muslims as a requirement for residence in the West.

Buckle yourselves in folks, the process will be bloody, protracted, and fierce, but it will take place and the West is very likely to prevail.

Spread the word: Ban Islam in the West and banish all Muslims from the West!  Our survival depends upon it.