Sunday, March 15, 2009

Might The Madoff Swindle Hold A Silver Lining For Jewish People?

Bernard Madoff was recently carted off to jail after pleading guilty. This man has likely breathed his last breath as a free man. It is hard to imagine any positives coming out of this 50 billion dollar scam, but I think there may be one to consider.

The Madoff scheme was a classic, if not gargantuan, affinity fraud scam where the perpetrator seeks out members of his own group to target. Affinity fraudsters bank on the presumption that one would not defraud or cheat his own. I have seen African American churches sponsor "black reparations tax credits," I have seen Christian churches sponsor "gifting pyramid scams," and I could go on and on.

The difference in the Madoff fraud was the scale, duration, and most importantly the sophistication of the victim pool. Madoff did not just target Jewish Americans, he targeted the most affluent, educated, and discriminating ones. Many of these former heirs, tycoons, and moguls have lost everything and they must start anew to build their lives.

"So where's the silver lining," you might be asking. We have all heard the stereotypes of Jews conspirators working toward world domination and Jewish supremacy. Reasonable people reject these notions but often lack the evidence to refute such nonsense, Madoff solves that problem.

Madoff largely victimized many of the most socially prominent and successful Jews. These people were high-achieving, decent people who were intent on no more than securing their futures and providing for their families. They don't have any special means to rescue them. They don't have any collective "Zionist" agenda. They don't have some inborn inclination to subjugate gentiles.

These people are victims in devastating measure and they have my compassion as they try to get on with their lives. I read about a 90 year old man, who now has to bag groceries to eek out a living. There is no Jewish conspiracy coming to his rescue.

So the next time you hear any blather about Jews controlling this or that for the benefit of the Zionist banking conspiracies, let the troglodytes know who the Madoff victims were and how they suffered in the wake of Madoff's discovered mess.