Friday, January 16, 2009

How Will History View George W. Bush?

George W. Bush is highly unfashionable at the moment. Barack Obama stands to be inaugurated as the first President of African descent in just a few short days. Bush is therefore a lame duck, whipping boy as all the anxiety and uncertainty of the country and of the world is conveniently attributed to him.

However, his out of favor status stands to rise significantly if a terrorist attack occurs during Obama's presidential watch. Bush, if nothing else, is seen as uncompromisingly tough on terrorism and his redeeming value is largely that he prevented another attack after 9/11.

Another attack in the US is a question of when and not if. Whether it occurs sooner rather than later, the Bush II hard line against terror will be the national mood as soon as it does. This will ultimately be the vindication of the Bush II presidency.

Bush was not a particularly good President due largely to his over reliance on hawks Cheyney and Rumsfeld. But the American people is a forgetful one historically-speaking, and presidencies are remembered for their defining moments rather than their policy flaws.

I bid farewell to President Bush with respect because I believe he attempted to make the right decisions. He is a decent man at his core, and those concerned about his legacy need only wait for the tide of opinion to turn.

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