Saturday, March 6, 2010

"The Real Housewives" Spectacle

Is it only me or is the series The Real Housewives Of.... a testament to the debased state of American women.  Granted, this is reality TV which can be sometimes less real than scripted TV, but the obviously real cattiness, competitiveness, backstabbing and aggression is a window into a growing reality (no pun intended).

This series follows several cliques of spoiled, over the hill, spendthrifts from Atlanta, New York, and California.  Each city series shows American women at their worst.  There is no wonder why young men want nothing to do with marriage anymore.

When I was growing up, the sign of a lady was refinement and grace, not masculine aggression.  That the casting people chose women in their thirties and forties was no accident.  These are the women most ruined by the feminism of the 70's and 80's, but their antics are becoming more and more mainstream.

I encourage the readers of this blog to view some of these programs for educational reasons.  It is very telling how these women spend their poor husbands money to soothe their aging egos.

More importantly, view the men and husbands in these programs.  They are broken and defeated.  Perhaps this is the biggest lesson the series offers. 

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  1. I also enjoy watching America's Next Top Model and the Bad Girls Club (on the Oxygen network). They do give some insight into how bad AWs are. I dont watch it for study. I watch it to laugh at how cruel they treat each other. Thoroughly enjoyable and an excellent reminder to stay away.