Monday, February 15, 2010

When A Feminist Asks Why Men Need Advocacy........

Ask them if they've given any thought to:

-Why the death or disappearance of men are ignored but for women they are given high media attention so as to suggest women are more valuable than men.  I could care less for some blonde who skanked her way to her death in Aruba, what about the men who "disappear" in Iraq and Afghanistan?

-Why women's health concerns like breast cancer are funded and given more attention than more devastating male health concerns like prostate cancer.

-Why sexual harassment against men by women is seen as "cute" or "lucky for the man."

-Why females are convicted by juries far less, and given less harsh sentences by judges than men.

-Why females do not have to register for the selective service.

-Why females are protected from serving in the "combat arms" (infantry, artillery, special forces) occupations of the military.

-Why women can falsely allege rape, abuse, or sexual harassment to gain sympathy in her circumstance and the male victim has his life or reputation destroyed.

-Why women can physically attack or abuse men and it be taken as a "you go girl" or a "he prolly did something" moment.

-Why alimony was created to destroy the economic necessity of husbands and encourage women to enrich themselves with divorce.


  1. Why feminists can routinely lie on just about every topic. Some examples:

    One in four womyn is rayped.

    Women are paid 76 cents on the dollar compared to men.

    Womyn have no power (when the entire male power structure in America has bowed before them on everything from ERA to VAWA).

  2. Yes indeed, although they often don't realize it. These fallacies are propagated by "Women's Studies" programs and other agenda-laden scholarly pursuits. Feminists use these flawed data to justify their actions.

    It's the same thing with the Ethnic Studies programs that propagate similar myths intended to influence legislation and popular opinion.

  3. Feminists have not only enjoyed a monopoly on gender issues, but vital trends, news and statistics. This immunity has gone far too long.

    We won't see the results until we are old men. But I'm happy to join and help the cause and get this ball rolling.

  4. I know this a bit personal but I was molested by a girl. It ruined me for a long time.
    I never did anything because I felt like nothing would happen. Thankfully I met my wife and I've been able to express my self sexually with out much hangup. yet parts of me are still bothered by it.

    I get you. I may not agree on all topics but I get you .

  5. I'm glad to hear that this did not defeat you in the end. Yes, this sort of thing can eat a man from the inside out, especially when society tends to deny how serious female on male abuse can be.

    Good luck to you on your path of continued healing, and kudos for seemingly not permitting this to define you.

  6. i think youre a complete fucking moron, but this post has valid points