Saturday, May 23, 2009

Newest Fashion Accessory: Black Babies!

Apparently, little toy doggies like Paris Hilton's chihuahua did not quite do the trick. The newest fad in Hollywood is to tote around a black baby!
Black babies give their owners instant credibility with the left wing human rights types, and they are virtual badges of social consciousness.

Angelina Jolie noticed a spike in her speaking requests after choosing her black baby. So much so, that Madonna embarked on her quest to select just the right black baby for her to be seen carrying around.

Adopting children who might otherwise have dim prospects for a future is a noble undertaking. But I fear that this fad will come and go like all the rest.

But not if Bruno has anything to do with it!

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  1. just got back from la not sure what to make of all the rich white couples I saw with black babies, The lap dogs in the early 2000s were annoying but the black babies were ...disturbing. You know at some point money changed hands!
    Is it me? I just got back (to SF) so I need to call some black friends and ask, am I hung up? I know women in SF get boob jobs too, but you just don't see a ninety lb er with forty lb tits. Frosted Hair is OK. color co-coordinated pedicure..OK, but dozens of ninty pound white women with forty pound tits ,frosted hair, color co-originated pedicures, yelling at frightened black toddlers being followed around by timid looking men in designer jeans and flip flops..... Am I just fucked up?