Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Is Syria Putting Us On the Verge of World War III?

The Obama administration has announced that airstrikes on Syria are a possibility.  In case that does not strike you as troublesome, consider the implications that such simple "airstrikes" could be the shot across the bow that triggers WWIII.

In case you were not aware, Russia prefers to keep the Assad Regime in place for reasons that range from financial to the fear of the alternative.  Iran has also pledged to defend Assad at all costs.  So if you think the possibility of Russia and Iran against the US, Israel, and a few other nations constitutes a good bet, think again.

Obama is being cajoled by his new feminist UN Ambassador Samantha Power and his new feminist National Security Adviser Susan Rice who, ironically, never had to risk life and limb in combat due to their status as females.  Nonetheless, these two might just succeed in convincing the President to spark World War III.

With the economic doldrums weighing down the US, a world war might prove to be the undoing of this nation.  Domestic strife would ensue and the US would suffer the same fate as the former Soviet Union, death by imperial and military debt.  Russia has bounced back nicely given the autocratic pragmatism of Putin, but the US could not given our democratic gridlock and corporate supremacy in politics.

Our forefathers specifically warned us against the dangers of "foreign entanglements" yet we find a way to fall into these quagmires again and again and again.

Stay tuned for how this all plays out.

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