Monday, July 2, 2012

America is not the greatest country anymore!

This clip from The Newsroom is creating a huge buzz in the media.  It depicts an American man telling the truth about the USA that few wish to acknowledge.

His toughlove message seems to resonate with the audience, and more importantly, with Americans who are tired living a lie that if more difficult than ever to maintain.

The word is getting out folks.  Too bad that it is likely too late to turn the tide.


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  2. That's a great quote when he's angry. I think it's okay to beat one's chest if one feels like it.

  3. Great until he spouted off half-truths and lies about how great we used to be...

    never beat our chests(?!!),

    had laws for moral reasons
    (huh?!! Jim Crow), etc, etc, etc, etc, etc),
    stood up for what was right,

    fought for moral reasons,
    waged wars on poverty, not poor people
    (another half-truth)..

    Yeah but the first rant was golden, especially laying out the statistics, which EVERY American should memorize.