Monday, February 6, 2012

MRA CALL TO ACTION: Email A Letter To Your Federal Senator And Representative

For all you so-called "Men's Rights Activists" out there who have yet to email your Senator or Congressional Representative, the below letter is a template you can use, modify, edit, and email.  If you do nothing else, you should be periodically doing this.  I'll soon give an example of what you should write to your State-level Senators and Representatives who are sometimes more active in passing anti-male laws.

Below are are the websites that can direct you to the email portal of your members of Congress:

Dear Senator or Representative (Fill in the Blank):

I am a registered voter of the ##th Congressional District of (Your State). I write this letter as an appeal for your support in stemming the tide of discrimination against men, and repealing anti-male legislation which is often passed under the guise of feminist or "women's rights" legislation.

While on the surface, any legislation that prevents discrimination or undue hardship towards women is positive. However, much of this legislation has created unfairness, undue hardship, and discrimination against men.

For example, the VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) discriminates against men by not permitting shelter funding for male victims of abuse, and for presuming that only women can be victims.

The IMBRA (International Marriage Brokers Regulation Act) which treats all American men seeking US visas for their foreign fiancees and spouses as if they were criminals, and it requires their personal information be passed to the foreign individuals (women) out of more concern for them then the American sponsor (men).

More and more affluent and taxpaying men are choosing to emigrate away from the USA due to the suffocating effect that feminist-inspired legislation has exacted upon men in the USA. There is a plethora of men's rights advocate groups on the internet that are growing due to these types of laws that create more injustice than they seek to prevent.

Our appeal is for you to more closely scrutinize all new "women's rights" legislation for language that would be discriminatory towards men. Second, please support all efforts to modify the discriminatory language in current federal laws like VAWA and IMBRA.

Two additional issues worthy of change would be to require females also to register for the Selective Service, and to require women to serve in combat arms occupations in the US military. Women currently receive pay and promotions at the same rate as men in the US military, yet they are not required to shoulder the same burdens that men shoulder. Equal pay for equal work is a goal we wish to see actually achieved in more than just lip-service.

Falling rates of marriage, male academic underachievement, and discriminatory treatment of men vis a vis women in the criminal justice system are rife in this society. If the opinions of American men with whom I correspond are any indication, we are in the verge of seeing men checking out of this society and emigrating with their votes and tax dollars in increasing measure.

American men are becoming more and more cognizant of the legislators working towards fairness between men and women, and of those who blindly support feminist-pressured legislation to the detriment of men. We ask that you be among the first we can identify as hospitable to fairness between the sexes. We hope that you, and several others, can lead the vanguard against anti-male legislative agendas and bring about gender equilibrium in this society.

Many thanks for listening to our concerns. For more information on men's rights, please avail yourself of the below:

Best regards,

(Your Name)

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