Sunday, February 26, 2012

Failure of Feminism

This video is one of the best commentaries about the evil of feminism that I have seen in a long time. Watch and share it with others.

Feminism teaches women to have a collectivist mindset akin to racism, nationalism, etc. Feminist-orthodoxy has been permitted to creep its way into the typical American classroom, legislature, and courtroom; it is this reason why getting rid of it will be so difficult. Long after most Americans will disagree with female-privilege, the institutions will STILL be perpetuating it due to its prevalence.

The best defense is to move abroad to non-feminist countries. Starve it of your tax dollars!


  1. Men spend money on breast cancer instead of prostate cancer because they are taught to be selfless and many men never break out of that selfless, servant role.

    Men can change by becoming egoist and individualist and living for yourself.

  2. Thanks for the video, feminism cannot be existed without male hypocrites who are promoting and protecting feminists.

  3. To this day, I haven’t met any feminists in the United States. What I have met are plenty of pseudo-feminists, they are women who want equal rights but accept and embrace a multitude of double-standards.
    Unfortunately, Gloria may be educated but fails to see the problems with what is currently called Feminism, so she resorts to the recourse of a weak mind……………insults.
    It is shameful that you can educated people like Gloria, but they lack basic common sense. More and more I’m starting to believe that these types of women are not capable of higher thought.