Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wall Street Protest Is Pure Hypocricy In Action

This photo says it all about the "Occupy Wall Street" hypocrisy. They organize themselves on Facebook, record everything on their Apple iPhones, relax for coffee at Starbucks, make lunch runs at McDonald's, and buy more protest supplies at OfficeMax, yet they protest against the evils of corporate America. Will someone please give them a clue?


  1. Why do you assume Occupy Wall-street is anti-male?

    anon male

  2. Occupy Wall Street is a class protest based on economics. However, if you examine closely the profiles of the "I am the 99%" women, you will see feminist orthodoxy and entitlement throughout.

    So it is not so much that OWS is anti-male, it is however, feminist-infected with women who demand a return on their proverbial $100,000 investments in Art History degrees.

    In that sense, many of the participants are vehemently anti-male.

  3. Many women on the right are anti-male as well, not sure what part of the country you are from. In the mid-west/south, Evangelical churches are encouraging women to run the family. "Women are always right" is a common statement. Labor unions tend to be masculine. Che guevara was certainly masculine.

    Libertarian women may be ideologically better.

  4. Women on the right are not immune to feminist orthodoxy, but they are less likely to be poisoned by it.

    I have no problem with women "running a family" so long as she realizes she is the family manager but the father is the owner!

    The "women are always right" issue is rooted in the "Marianismo" of Catholicism which led to all other forms of Christianity. Catholicism venerates Mary, and by association, all women.

  5. The right-wing women I'm referring to want to be the matriarch of the relationship, meaning the owner of the family.

    I want to see more male teachers in our schools and universities. We should also have more male doctors that cater to men's issues.

    Libertarian women Christina Hoff Sommers and Camille Paglia are critical of feminist orthodoxy. So is liberal comedian Bill Maher.

  6. Some liberal women will split the tab!