Saturday, April 23, 2011

How Should Men Define Personal Success?

The question came up on the Mancoat forum about redefining male success. We need to be careful about the term success, because it means different things for different people.

Ask yourself what would give you lifelong personal fulfillment. Are you at the point of personal fulfillment? If not, you are not a success just yet.

Personal fulfillment comes in many forms. Mother Theresa was personally fulfilled by living in poverty to help the less fortunate. Donald Trump is personally fulfilled by making successful business deals and appearing in the media. The hick from West Virginia is personally fulfilled by catching his dinner each night in the woods, and cooking it up on the wood stove.

The problem is that American culture, via Hollywood and Corporate advertising, put out the notion of success being the "American Dream" and most silly Americans bought into that. Many suffer from that mistake today.

What is success for me? Living abroad on a good salary, early retirement at age 50, and having serial relationships with women half my age. I don't need to be a millionaire, but money enables my success life so it is important. I don't want to be married, I don't need kids, and I don't buy into the nonsense that traps too many other men into wage slavery. In that sense, I'm a success too.

Success is a deeply personal assessment and don't let anyone determine for you what constitutes personal success for you.


  1. Nice blog. I equate personal success as not buying into pop culture (i.e. subsidizing a woman's life long shopping spree) and living life for yourself. Wealth is nice, but having options is better...

  2. I'd very much appreciate it if you told us which country you live in an what you do for a living.

  3. I appreciate your question, but as a matter of course I refrain from disclosing too many details of my location and my employment.

    That being said, mine is not a unique path, just and independent one. It is not perfect, but nothing in life is perfect.