Saturday, November 21, 2009

This Is Amanda Knox, A Cold-Blooded Murderer.

Knox is the typical American female spoiled brat who now faces a life sentence for her role in the murder of her British roommate Meredith Kercher.

Knox sealed her own fate when she concocted several different versions of the what happened the night of Kercher's murder. Most disturbingly, Knox tried to implicate a local African business owner, Patrick Lumumba, of the crime but he was released after law enforcement officials cleared him and Knox's story changed.

This case is controversial because Knox is a relatively attractive, affluent, and white American female who is presumed to be innocent of such crimes by other Americans. Europe tends to be more realistic in their approach to judging women, and they tend to let the facts be their guide.

It is a forgone conclusion that Knox will be convicted and sent to prison for a long time. This case gives Men's Rights Advocate like me a sense of justice when American females get their due for heinous crimes that they may have gotten away with in the USA.

It also serves as notice to other American women that they cannot participate in crimes, implicate innocent people, change their stories and expect to be let off the hook like in the United States.

May the soul of Meredith Kercher rest in peace when Knox is finally locked away for good.


  1. Interesting that you called it right, but:

    1) how did you know it was a "forgone conclusion"?

    2) And how can you be sure she did the murder?

    Admittedly, I haven't been following the case too carefully, but I've read other opinions that say she couldn't have done it, or that the prosecution concocted a wacky story.

  2. One can never be absolutely sure without witnessing the event, but I was reasonably sure based upon her post-murder behavior, her web of lies and changed stories to the police, and the discovery of the murder weapon with the victim's blood and Amanda's prints. When viewed all together, this points to her as the murderer.

    If a man lies to police, changes his story, and has a murder weapon found in his possession with forensic evidence on it, he is as good as convicted. Amanda over-estimated the power of feminine charm to beat the rap.

    The "she could not have done it" crowd is nothing but a public relations machine of friends and sympathizers who do not analyze the evidence and post-murder behavior of Amanda.

    One of the best summaries of the case is on the Wikipedia site. I admit Wikipedia is not infallible, but this article cites references and credibly takes the reader through the ordeal.

  3. The English translation of Judge Massei's sentencing report can be downloaded from here: