Thursday, November 5, 2009

American Mensa Reject: Typical American Woman

Yesterday I was having an intelligent discussion with a very perceptive young lady from Europe. This young lady was confused when an American female acquaintance of hers stated that she does not know if she wants to settle down and have children even though she has a nice boyfriend. The American's rationale was, "I'm only 32 years old!"

My friend who is all of 20 years old, is correct to be perplexed as such feminist-inspired thinking. The American female is deluded into thinking that 32 is young; in fact 32 is over the hill as far as clear-thinking men are concerned.

It takes a trip out of the US to listen to how others view American foolishness. This 32 year old, who is slightly overweight and quite plain-looking, needs to do her future children a favor by choosing to not have them at all. I shudder at the thought of what kind of mother she would be with such a deluded mentality.


  1. When I look at the average American woman, I don't know if I should laugh or vomit!

  2. I guess if she had been an exceptionally beautiful woman, with killer curves, her future would be much brighter, right? You have a deluded mentality and you're very bitter. American men need to stop thinking that the only thing that makes a woman worthy of marriage is her looks.

  3. Well, It's only American women who tend to believe that "Looks are superficial." Why should men resort to women to whom they are not attracted?

    Feminists have hijacked a lot of things, but they will not hijack the male prerogative to accept only that which he finds attractive.

  4. Sexual attraction based on appearence alone is just a foolish reason to get serious about a girl. Other aspects of a person are really what will make or break the relationship. Outer beauty fades, serving only to insure reproduction. That's not to say there's something wrong with purely sexual attraction or wanting your partner to look nice. But the fact is that looks, by definition, ARE superficial. They are just what first meets the eye. You can be an evil idiot with every STD in the book and look great. And I think you might mean feminazis, not feminists.

    At 32 you are no spring chicken, but people enter romantic relationships at all ages, you don't have to be "hot" by society's standards for someone to find you attractive. I know a couple that just got together, my boyfriend's 70 to 80 year old grandfather(widowed) and a 60 year old woman. They go out to parties and everything.

  5. You are mistaken. Looks are not superficial, in fact, they are a direct result of a person's DNA and, to a lessor extent, their physical reaction to the environment in which they live.

    Looks therefore are quite a deep reflection of a person's health and genetic fitness.

    The only people who protest that "looks are superficial" are women and the unfit.

    And for your ridiculous suggestion that sexual attraction should not be based on appearance, you clearly have been brainwashed by feminist orthodoxy. What would you have us attracted to, wit and personality? Don't fight human nature or you will lose.

    1. Women think that way because they themselves are attracted to men for their wit and personality. They just fail to understand that most men only care about looks and looks alone. No wonder bulimia and anorexia is so prevalent.

    2. Sure attractiveness has something to say about the quality of your genes, but it doesn't say everything. What about men or women who find intelligence sexy and a sign of good DNA fitness?

      You are honest about men and the importance of attractiveness, but you just have a hatred of any woman who wants rights for herself, whether or not she would accept and extend equal freedoms for you.

      Even the most benign version of feminism repulses you. You have a problem with feminism, no matter how it manifests itself. How can anyone take you too seriously?

      Also, you are a charlatan for saying only American women idolize such ideals. Then why do European women share them? The feminist movement didn't just happen in America. If you're quite the traveler you claim, then why do you pretend such feminism resides only in America?

      From your ramblings one can only conclude that you are a transparent misogynist and nothing more.

  6. Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder

  7. You're a fuckhead. Mr. Wisdom of the World, who thinks that women are defined by marriage and how attractive they are to men. Mr. Wisdom of the World, who has never known a person over 30 to get married.

    Women are not on your timeline, and they aren't operating according to your fucktarded ideas of "feminist orthodoxy" either.

    You give international travel a bad name, if this is what you've learned along the way. Asshole.

  8. @AnnaNimh I'm sorry that my discussion above incited such vitriol in you. Without having seen you, I still think I have a pretty good idea of why you reacted that way.

    Your choice of language is quite obscene. Might this be the only way you can get male attention? What a pity....

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