Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Danger Of The "True Forced Loneliness" Movement

When madman George Sodini went on a murderous rampage at a fitness center, many Americans were shocked at the motive. Sodini was a sexually frustrated, socially inept man whose pent-up anger blew over in the form of shooting innocent women. The concerning thing about Sodini is that he is not alone.

There is a movement called True Forced Loneliness (TFL) making the rounds on YouTube. The proponents of TFL claim that they are being forced to be lonely because of society's judgmental culture of high expectations in courtship. This, in turn, causes men to be left without mates.

There are many problems with this theory, but first, any look at a TFL proponent will yield instantaneous evidence as to why they are alone in the first place. Let's take Dwayne Holloway, the verbose spokesperson of TFL on YouTube. Dwayne is an articulate yet morbidly obese, and off-kilter man who is at a loss as to why women don't give him the time of day. When people point out the superficial reasons he falls short in the dating game, Dwayne is angrily adamant that his appearance "should not matter" in his search for mate.

Dwayne and the other TFL followers tend to exhibit fundamental misunderstandings (or dismissals) of human nature. But all that aside, the undercurrent of TFL is that violence, a la George Sodini, is the natural consequence of rejecting men who feel they should not be rejected. Therein lies the dangerous powderkeg of TFL.
If you peruse the TFL commentaries on the George Sodini murders, the recurring theme is that they "understand" why he did it. Even though they pepper their commentary with how they do not condone the murders (gee thanks), the sentiment is barely under the surface.

Moreover, I recently examined the TFL website and was shocked to discover a photo of the murdered Asia McGowan scrolling across the screen. McGowan was shot by a mentally disturbed YouTube personality, Anthony Powell, who grew distressed when McGowan did not reciprocate his feelings for her. Powell then shot himself. It was later discovered that Powell suffered from mental illness for many years.

The TFL crowd reveres Powell as a patron saint and they feature a video of McGowan in a thinly disguised warning masquerading as a "memorial" to her.

Folks, these guys are DANGEROUS. Expect to hear about this TFL thing in the news; and remember, you heard it here first.


  1. Most of these guys are severly depressed.

  2. Perhaps so, but depressed individuals should seek treatment, not wallow in misery and "lightly" condone violence.

  3. I never heard of these guys until I saw your blog post.

    I don’t see anywhere that they are condoning violence, what video are you seeing that in?

    I think they have some accurate observations, but I don’t buy into their conspiracy theories. The problem that I have with most conspiracy theories is as follows:

    1) The government would have to coordinate thousands of people to pull off the conspiracy… The government can never coordinate thousands of people with any efficiency.

    2) All of the thousands of people in the conspiracy would have to remain silent… People can never keep a secret, someone always leaks it to the press and to other people.


    1. Before you slag off men who cannot get a want to try fucking well having to live like it!!

      The level of emotional hurt it causes is beyond belief.

    2. I've been single for sixteen years, and while it's not been my choice (I would love to find a compatible partner) it's also not misery. I'm chubby, but other than that fairly attractive, so I've been told. Pretty, smart, funny, kind, all sorts of things you would think could attract a suitable partner. But it just hasn't happened. Instead of wallowing in my unwanted singleness, however, I make my life meaningful in other ways. I volunteer in my community, I have lots of friends (single and married) and I have hobbies and interests that get me out there meeting new people. I get lonely sometimes, but for the most part I am far too busy to worry much about the fact that I sleep alone. Someday maybe I'll have a husband to share my nights with, but until then, my life is still fulfilling. I haven't so much as kissed a man since I was 20 and I'm 34, but I recognize that first of all there is more to life than sex, or romance, or whatever one might be looking for in a partner, and second of all, I'm not entitled to a mate just by virtue of my existence. It would be nice, and I do hate how shallow most people are when it comes to judging a woman's eligibility, but at the end of the day, if I never kiss another man again, my life will still be good. I sympathize with those who experience prolonged singleness as emotionally hurtful, but I don't think they're recognizing that the cure comes from learning to love yourself as a whole person instead of expecting someone else to come along and complete them. If they ever do find someone, I suspect they will be painfully disappointed to learn that all of the same baggage remains, plus a new set.

    3. Get a fleshlight ünd chill the fuck out.

  4. There are many videos where they allude to what "could" happen. But I direct your attention to their highlighting George Sodini, the Gym shooter, as a virtual patron saint:

    One guy named Bill alludes to George Sodini's "understandable" shooting here:

    There is much more where that comes from!

  5. I’ve only watched a few of these guys videos (they have dozens), and am NOT trying to defend them. From watching the few videos that I saw, it looked to me like some other guy outside of TFL posted a video in which he accused TFL of supporting Sodini. Bill then posted a video saying he does NOT condone what Sodini did and that it was wrong:

    From what I can tell there never even was any mention of Sodini before this outside guy made the accusation.

    From what I can understand by watching the first link that you referenced, I believe TFL is trying to show that people are posting FALSE accusations that TFL supports Sodini. There seems to be many video posts about Sodini, but from what I can understand, TFL is saying in each that people are FALSELY accusing them of supporting Sodini to try and discredit or slander them.

    The second link that you referenced is a video of a girl called  kassiedill2... Bill is not in it.

    Anyway, like I said, I’m not defending these guys. I just wanted to make sure that TFL is not being falsely accused of supporting Sodini, as I have seen the feminists doing this to MRA bloggers. If there is a video of TFL saying that what Sodini did was “understandable”, I would agree that it is possibly dangerous.

    BTW, if you do find any video where they do say that, please post the link.


  6. Take a look at this one and key on 7:20:

    Also, take a look at :10 onward here:

    The really concerning video eludes me right now, but these two are of concern too. There are loads of footage to go thru with these guys, and I maintain, they are time bombs.

  7. I watched several of the TFL video,s. The reasons. It can be rough for a single male to meet women. Has more to do with the times we are living in. Today we have less leasure time. IE less time to go to the right places to meet women. There,s more fear in the world that women have to deal with. When you try to converse with them in public places. Like coffee houses, super markets, Shopping malls. Women are contrained not to talk to strangers. Because there are F---ed up people out there. You can,t blame them for being guarded. Aspecially when you a guy they don,t know you.

  8. Mitchell, I fully agree that women are more guarded in America. But they are not that way outside of the Anglosphere countries. Furthermore, TFL'ers have given up all hope instead of refining themselves to the point where they can be successful even if the batting average is low.

    They have given up, and I cannot respect nor endorse men who have so little intestinal fortitude as they.

    My message to them is MAN UP, earn money, go abroad, and have the pick of the litters. If I can do it, anyone can!

  9. These guys are retarded, especially Bill. If you don't agree with him, he continually spouts his drivel that you are brainwashed by the media and the government and the corrupt school system.

    An example is these videos that a guy on YouTube named Junosden made. He is analyzing Bill's response to a video that Junosden made about the TFL movement:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Part 4:

  10. TFL is real boneheads, I'm living it. I am a 30 yr old autistic male, and I can tell you from experience, it doesn't matter how much I work on myself, nothing will ever pass a woman's insanely high standards. I've tried all the advice you would try to fluff me with, I've been everywhere online and offline, and no matter what, women treat me like the hunch back of notre dame. I'm not even a bad looking guy.

    But I don't know why I'm even telling you this, I mean you already know it. You know what your doing, even in grade school, all the way up through life. You'll deliberately stereotype people out to force certain types of people out of the gene pool. And then you fall back on your excuse "they are weak and inferior." Sounds a lot like a man I read about... What was his name? Oh that's right, it was Adolph Hitler!

    Look nobody is condoning what George Sodini or any of these other people said, all we are saying is that it is inevitable, if you keep pushing people and pushing people, sooner or later, some of them are going to snap.

    So-called conspiracy theories are not theories when the ruling powers openly brag about it right in front of our faces. Don't take my word for it, listen to these clips where they openly admit to this shit:


    Henry Kissinger, a member of an elite bloodline, discusses the NWO:

    Chem trails:

    Martial Law (in other words we officially become an armed dictatorship and many people are sent to concentration camps):

    Conspiracies are a fact of human nature. People are greedy animals. Your no more special for having been born in America or Europe or Australia, than the person who also laughed at "conspiracy theories" in Germany, or Cuba, or Russia, or China.

    If your still in denial about conspiracies, then your a fucking retard. The fact that the ruling powers aren't even hiding it, they are out openly bragging about it.

  11. BigCal83 on youtube is undergoing a load of shit after telling in one of his videos that "he'll enjoy it when these women are beaten, raped, sodomised and killed."

  12. As he should. TFL breeds this nonsense and I will never support that movement because of it. I will go find that post and add my words of condemnation. Thanks for pointing it out!

  13. The meat of conspiracy theories are taking innocuous facts and saying "SEE! SEE! THAT MEANS SOMETHING SINISTER IS HAPPENING!!!"

    I saw one of Dwayne's conspiracy theory videos, in which he showed some trailers for video games and said some crap about how that proved the U.S. Government was using video games to brainwash and train America's youth.

    Did the TFL losers ever consider that it isn't their looks, their jobs, or the size of their bank accounts that is turning women away, but rather their horrible, grating personalities?

    That's a rhetorical question. Of course not. The essence of TFL is that it draws single men so egotistical that their only response is to blame the women, because the men cannot possibly be flawed.

    I think the secret to happiness in the relationship sphere is making peace with the possibility that you'll never find a mate. That washes away all the depression, desperation, and resentment and lets you become a whole person on your own. That imperceptibly projects outward and attracts mates.

  14. Regarding TFL, one thing I usually mention is: You must HAVE a life before someone will want to share it.

    Sitting at home alone on a computer posting creepy videos will not get anyone a mate - even a woman with the looks of Angelina Jolie, the mind of Stephen Hawking and the personality of Tina Fey would end up lonely in that situation.

    When a man has nothing in his life of interest; when he does not even like himself, let alone enjoy his own company; when he does not have any friends of either gender; when he sees a woman as his only hope of not only a relationship but an active life and everything that goes with it ... Then he WILL be lonely because no (sane) woman would want a man like that.

    The truth is that most of us want a partner, not a baby and not a tyrant.

    And I agree that these guys are truly dangerous.

    1. Not dangerous at all, just here for you to feel superior to.

    2. If these True Force d Loneliness guys who have struggled so desperately to build a social night life, are anything less than scintillating, then it is because they are so woefully uneducated. They simply do not speak well. Which makes their struggle to express themselves and it's disclosure, all the more brave. Still, stupider and duller complete cretins are doing better romantically. Can anyone explain why?

  15. Lonliness is a delusion! There are cases of people in a relationship who feel lonely, and people who live in seclusion who feel content. I used to be a TFL type loser guy, but then I meditated in my room for hours and felt extreme states of bliss that I didn't want a nagging ass girlfriend ruining it.

  16. I hate to admit it, but True Forced Loneliness is real. The only person that believes in TFL is real, is the one who is suffering it. Of course, guys that are lucky in love or are swimming in women are not going to believe that true forced loneliness exists. I am a 39-year old manager and programmer analyst making $80,000 a year with my own house and a car, but I'm only 4 feet, 9 inches tall, bad-looking with a big nose and bald. Even with my economic situation I have never been able to attract a woman to fall in love and marry me. I am smart and articulate but nothing seems to help. How are you going to convince me that my loneliness is a fig of my imagination and that I am doing everything wrong.

  17. A life without women is what is in store for me, but my failures at this "game" made me ready for it and understanding why it had to be. I walk among you without fanfare without ever having been on a date, gone to a dance, a wedding or ever kissed a woman. You would call me a good guy and a responsible person, but I was rejected from the social game years and years ago. Nobody's "fault", just real life.

  18. I believe that there is an instinctual and subconscious impulse for humans to make decisions and hold attitudes to increasingly empower the alpha males and the common women to mate with each other and exclude the common man from such benefit by disenfranchising him. Our society is moving full throttle towards a situation where most women mate with a minority of alpha males and be supported in raising the alpha males' progeny by extracting resources from the common man.

  19. I believe, based on evolutionary psychology, that humans have an instinctual and subconscious impulse to hold attitudes and make decisions that increasingly empower alpha males and the common women to mate with each other at the expense of the resources and happiness of the common man.

  20. True forced loneliness is real. Its a sad commentary on human nature and the human condition. It touches on the problem of evil and suffering and it illustrates that there cannot be a good loving merciful God who is is control of things. If a good loving merciful God was in control of things then He would not be allowing thousands oc guys to suffer from endless loneliness. Im a lonely guy myself who is physically igly mentally ill and stuck in a crappy dead end job. My social skills are poor but I have tried many times to be friendly. The only kinds of women available for me are ugly ones gold diggers sluts hookers and escort services. All lousy unsatisfactory and unhealthy. Pretty girls and women are generally unfriendly vain aloof moneycentered materialistic and unapproachable. On the rare occasions I find one shes already taken or its against her job policy to date me or she lives hundreds or thousands of miles away. I cant win. In my personal situation I have discovered that girls and women are more unfriendly and worse outside grade school than in it. In grade school there were 5 friendly girls who wanted to be friends with me but I stupidly ignored them because I was immature and full of hate at the time. Those opportunities are gone forever. The world outside school is colder more impersonal more disconnected more unfriendly. Women have degenerated with society and each generation of girls and women are more unfriendly than the previous one. Today pretty women who are friendly are almost extinct. There is not even one left for me. Not even one. Im not asking for marriage. Im just asking for friendship affection and dating. Im not asking for a 10 on the beauty scale. I will settle for just a 5 or I will settle for just average looks. It turns out that the average looking women are also unfriendly or they are already taken. So I cant even get an average looking woman to date. Its sad. And what makes it sadder is that we have a God who allows this suffering. God is cruel and negligent or He is not in control of this screwed up world. The Devil rules this screwed up world and not a loving God. The situation is bleak and hopeless for me and for thousands of other guys. Its a lost cause.

  21. True forced loneliness is real. Human nature and the human condition is a screwup. People are cruel and nature is cruel. Nature is cruel in making physical ugliness and mental illness and people are cruel and girls and women are cruel for being unfriendly vain aloof selfish moneycentered materialistic. Most pretty women are unfriendly unapproachable vain selfish money centered materialistic. The very few friendly ones are already taken. The United States the Netherlands Canada and Singapore have the unfriendliest women. Here where I live the girls and women are generally unfriendly and unapproachable cold aloof disconnected. An ugly shy mentally ill guy with an inability to communicate with women has no chance at all in getting a girlfriend much less marriage. Zero. Im an ugly mentally ill guy and not in a zillion years will I get a girlfriend. Unrelieved loneliness is my life day after day and year after year. God is cruel and negligent and allows us to suffer in this manner. I have to settle for ugly women gold diggers sluts hookers and escort services all of which are lousy unsatisfactory unhealthy choices. None of these can give me lasting happiness. Bleak and hopeless is this world.

  22. I feel the only solutions for ugly mentally ill shy guys such as myself are the following: 1)Artificial Human Companions or women robots or fembots or Androids made out of silicone. Japan and the US has made them but they are too expensive. It should be affordable for a thousand dollars or less. Eing able to move and being able to talk and being able to answer simple questions is good. We need robot girlfriends because the real live thing is unfriendly and unattainable. The real live thing is cruel and evil. The real live thing SUCKS. Robot girlfriends should start to be sold in stores and should be made easily available for us ugly lonely guys. The other solution for us ugly lonely guys is to have a service or an escort service with no sex in it. Of course I want some kind of physical contact with a woman but it doesnt have to be sex. Sex is too dangerous with diseases. Im just interested in hugging and cuddling. Why cant there be an escort service that just has hugging and cuddling talking and dating? Its HIGH TIME we have such a service. With a regular escort service I have to worry about getting disease and I have to worry about getting arrested and the same is true for massage parlors. Does anyone know of a good massage parlor where there are women who are doing the massaging? Im looking for a clean reputable massage parlor. I dont want to worry about sleaziness and getting arrested. Escort services and massage parlors are the only two options left for me. They both stink. Dating services arent working for someone like me. Plus Im limited with what I can do on the computer and I cannot handle all those instructions asking for emails passwords usernames etc. And I dont have credit cards and I dont know and Im not willing to log my photo on a computer. Isnt there anyone that can help us lonely ugly guys? I suffer from endless loneliness.

    1. You don't HAVE to have sex with an escort, in fact you technically are paying for her TIME. So if you buy an hour's worh of time and just talk or cuddle it is NOT illegal. It's only illegal if you have sex after you pay her.

    2. You don't HAVE to have sex with an escort, in fact you technically are paying for her TIME. So if you buy an hour's worh of time and just talk or cuddle it is NOT illegal. It's only illegal if you have sex after you pay her.

  23. The solution to this real problem
    is to breed the top 5 percent of males to
    the top 95 percent of females. In
    ten generations,about 200 years you will
    have a society of healthy,attractive,
    geniuses, as opposed to the average
    losers posting here. However the powers
    that be want a slave class not a genius class.
    Spiritually the solution is to understand that everything in life
    is a ritual reenactment of Shiva/Shakti
    the union of the male and female Gods.
    Loneliness is the action of seeking to not not be lonely. When ONE ABANDONS ALL SEEKING then being alone is not loneliness. It is just being,pure being,
    Sat Chit Ananda,Being Consciousness,Bliss.

  24. These living dead have always existed, cope with it, don't be surprised. It's nothing new, old as the world but maybe new to people like you? The internet era is democratic and open to all. Yes its scares you to observe them congregating and growing a bond fire.

    Tfl people like them and me are already living in social leprosy and forced to a life of loneliness, social seperation, a true life sentence, i bet i have the same symptoms as a prisoner condemned to an isolation chamber.

    You still laughing?

    1. It is difficult to muster any sympathy for those who don't seek to improve themselves or their circumstances.

      To the pity party that is TFL, I say get off your duff and do something to better your lot.

  25. Get off your duff and do something to better your lot? Lets see I tried asking and initiating to some 30 different women over the last 10 years, sometimes asking the same woman more than once to be my friend. The end results were always the same. No. They were already married, or they already had boyfriends, or it was against their job policy to date me, or no reason was given. Ive also tried numerous dating services online and I even tried the 7 in heaven dating service by going to a hotel/bar. No one could help me and no one was interested. Ive asked, initiated, and tried until Im TIRED of trying. How many times does a poor guy have to break his back only to be turned down? The sad reality is that not everyone in this world is meant to be happy. It doesnt matter how much us ugly, mentally ill, and mentally disabled guys try, we are continually going to be turned down and we are forever going to suffer from loneliness. The only kinds of women I can get are either ugly ones, or sluts to use me for sex and give me Aids and venereal diseases, or gold diggers to use me for money, or I have to degrade myself further by turning to prostitutes and escort services and once again risking getting Aids and venereal diseases. All of these are LOUSY, unsatisfactory, unfulfilling, unhealthy choices. Either I get crap or I get nothing. In my case I have nothing. My life is unrelieved endless loneliness day in and day out, year in and year out. Plus American women are unfriendly, unkind, vain, aloof, money centered, materialistic, cruel, hearrless. God forgot to give women a heart. They have no hearts, no morals, and no conscience. They have manure for brains. The typical American woman is morally challenged and mentally challenged. Its gotten worse in the last 26 years since 1987. Pretty women who are friendly have always been very rare, and they have been nearly extinct since 1987. Women have degenerated with society and each generation is more unfriendly than the previous one. And not all of us guys can afford to go overseas where there are supposedly friendly women. We're stuck where we are. God or the creator is cruel and negligent and allows this evil and suffering to continue. Why create or why allow physical ugliness and mental illness and mental disability when so much loneliness and alienation are the end results? We have to suffer because Adam and Eve ate a forbidden fruit eons ago and this cruel, unjust, unreasoning, unwise, insane God decided to curse and punish the entire world for the sin of two people. Its cruelty, insanity, stupidity, and negligence. The Devil and evil rules this screwed up world and not a loving God. If God doesnt heal this screwed up crearion soon then happiness in this world isnt going to be worth a can of beans. Human narure isnt going to heal by itself and Nature's cruelties and defects isnt going to heal by ifself. God has to heal it. He has failed to heal and continues to fail. Evil and suffering continues with no end in sight. The loneliness penetrates through me day and night. Women today are as unfriendly as ever. Women are evil.

    1. Actually, Anonymous, within the next fifty to one-hundred years, humanity will develop the bio-technology to cure all physical ugliness and mental illness/disability. But very unfortunately, we are not there yet. And even then, I suspect there will be a eugenic "arms race," where those people who have wealthy parents or are wealthy themselves, will be the ones with the best genetic modifications for superior minds and bodies, therefore being extra attractive and sought after by the opposite sex. There will always be alphas and those on the lower rungs, but at least with the technology which is coming, no one will need to be a real reject, unlike our current era.

  26. The only other advice I can give to lonely guys such as myself is to forget about women. Learn how to be happy without one. Learn how to be happy alone. Thats easier said than done. Learn not to care about women. Say to yourself I choose not to care if women ignore me. Find hobbies such as hiking, video games, meditating, lucid dreaming, sightseeing, watching T.V., movies, and if you have Internet access, browse the computer. Theres lots of interesting things to look at on computers. If you cant afford computers or cant afford the Internet, just read books or listen to audiocassettes. Women today are as unfriendly as ever. Cold as ice. Colder than ice. Forget them. They are a lost cause. God forgot to give women a heart. Just get a blowup doll or a mannequin or a lovedoll to fill your needs as the real live thing is unfriendly, unkind, unattainable, and cruel. The real live thing sucks. And this irresponsible, negligent, cruel, deadbeat, absentee landlord for a God isnt going to help us. Its a pitiful execuse for a God who doesnt help us and who doesnt heal us. This God's cruelty, carelessness, negligence, and incompetence is disgusting. Its a remote, aloof, disconnected God who allows all manner of evil and suffering and He has no intelligent constructive solution to offer us and He has no merciful humane solution to offer us. He allows evil and suffering to continue ad nauseam, ad infinitum. He has no common sense and He has no reasoning and is probably insane. Its a lost cause. Hopeless. Utterly hopeless.So try to forget about women. Friendly women are almost extinct today. There havent been any friendly women since spring of 1987. Friendly women have been basically dead and extinct in the U.S. for the last 26 years. Thats why some guys have traveled to foreign countries such as Winston Wu and his Happier Abroad website. Not all of us lonely guys can afford to travel. American women are the most unfriendly women in the world. They are zero or minus zero on the rating scale. The dating scene in America is a joke. There is no dating scene to even speak of for us ugly, mentally ill shy guys. The Devil and evil rules this screwed up world and not a loving God. Its a lost cause. I no longer bother trying. Why bother making an effort with things that you cannot change? I have tried until Im tired of trying. The reality is that women today are as unfriendly as ever. Women are evil.

  27. While it is easy to dismiss these deprived men as architects of their own sorrow, their predicament, whether "forced" or not, is an inescapable artifact of modernity. In centuries past--and even now in many societies--marriages were arranged by responsible interested parties who did their best to make sure every man had a wife. In some situations, monastic orders existed to collect those who had no match. Societies which didn't practice forced matchmaking tended to be small hunter-gatherer types where the pool of likely mates was highly constricted for both sexes, and loneliness was nearly impossible. We live now in a vast Darwinian experiment where the losers do not physically perish or migrate, but rather continue to lead sometimes otherwise successful lives in decades-long anguish. The drastic acts these men contemplate--and, sadly, at times fulfill--are a reflection of the drastic measures society will have to take to solve this problem. A few ideas: firstly, cheap and widely available, stigma-free reversible chemical "castration". I am certain a large proportion of these men have wished that, since they can't have their needs for sex and romance met, they simply could smother the need itself. I would expect a large segment of the TFL population would at least give it a try, and perhaps find the relief it gave them helpful in forging a life worth living, and even, just maybe, a life attractive to the opposite sex. Secondly, the reinstitution of something resembling monasteries. I don't know how it could be accomplished in an increasingly secular and cosmopolitan age, but it hardly seems impossible. Perhaps the TFL movement itself could be applied to such a purpose. Thirdly, it should be noted that many of these men are suicidal, and would relish the opportunity to risk their lives for recognition--think of the French Foreign Legion. There are any number of lethal, high-risk situations where they could be employed--remember, it wouldn't necessarily have to make sense economically in order to provide a vital safety valve.

  28. The dating scene in America today is a joke. There is no dating scene to even speak of for physically ugly, mentally ill, mentally disabled shy guys. Friendly women were never numerous to begin with and since 1987, friendly women are a rare and dying species in America or they are basically dead and almost extinct for the last 26 years. Women have degenerated with society and each generation is more unfriendly and worse than the previous one. Women today are totally unfriendly. Cold as ice. Colder than ice. Unfriendly, unkind, unapproachable, remote, aloof, disconnected, disinterested, dissociated, distorted. A rating of zero isnt low enough to rate them. It would be minus zero or in the negative numbers. A rating would not even apply to them. They have no hearts, no morals, and no conscience. Theres not an iota of kindness in them. The quality of women here sucks. Finding a woman today who is both friendly and pretty is like searching for gold inside a sewer. Theres not a single one left to be my friend. Not even one. Not even one woman has the decency nor the kindness to spend just one day out of a damn year to date me. Thats pathetic. Its a sad commentary on women and a sad commentary on human nature and a sad commentary on society. This is what the world has come to. When a poor lonely guy cant even find one single decent friendly woman out of thousands and millions of women in this country, that illustrates how horribly women have degenerated. The quality of women here where I live is excrement or belongs in the toilet. God forgot to give women a heart among other things. My life is unrelieved loneliness day in and day out, year in and year out. Hopeless. Absolutely hopeless. And we have a deadbeat, absentee landlord for a God who allows this evil and suffering. Truly pitiful. Its a lost cause.

  29. Praying for you, may your wishes be granted and you healed!

  30. Perhaps a flaw in your plan is disdaining ugly women who are forced into loneliness because they are not good enough for you.

  31. Women are unfriendly and evil. I choose not to care if women ignore me. I dont have a girlfriend and I dont care. American women are the worst.

  32. To those talking about God:

    This world IS run by the Devil, his minions and us sinful humans (2 Corinth. 4:4).

    And for the history of man since Adam's sin, man and the Devil have had their own way, with the Devil doing everything he can to deceive us and attacking us in our weakness and own sin.

    Sin destroys everything and leads to death and corruption (Romans 6:23).

    We have all sinned (some more than others), but we have to realize our own also.

    This world is cruel, but remember, it will be judged and burned up (yes, literally), and everybody's soul will stand before God, all their selfishness, sin and cruelty will be judged.

    Be sure to be one of His' children on that day. If you are, then all of YOUR sins will not even be mentioned to you.

    Hebrews 10:17: And their sins and iniquities will I remember no more.

    If you are not sure if you are His child, I HAVE TO TELL YOU, you can know 100% sure. It's the most simple thing there is. It doesn't involve a change of life or attitude and correcting yourself, God accepts you.

    You simply have to BELIEVE/TRUST Jesus Christ and His payment for your sins, and that He rose again as the full payment for your own sins and the free GIFT of eternal life (Romans 6:23 again, and 1 Corinth. 15:1-4).

    If you believe (just claim the above verses as true), then simply ask Jesus directly to save you, and He will do.

    Please watch this 7 min. video, where it's explained easily:

    This is the most important video you could watch. It's true, in the midst of society's complicated rules, codes and systems and social behavior, the Gospel of eternal salvation is the most simple, yet powerful and good message you could hear (don't let anybody in Christianity tell you that going to Heaven is hard, Jesus did the hard part, dying for our ungodliness).

    When you are saved, you don't have to worry about His judgement of this earth and world, simply wait for His coming.

    And while we are waiting we can and should try to purify us from our own sin (remember, not to be saved, that is a gift), and promote righteousness, because unrighteousness only leads to death in this life, corruption, strife, anger (for no reason), greed and suffering, even innocent people suffer because of the sins of evil people who only want to profit in this life 1 Tim 6:10a: "For the love of money is the root of all evil:"

  33. I've seen this Bill Greathouse jack ass on you tube way back when he was still allowed to have an account. Lots of guys have no luck with women but they suck it up and get on with life, they don't blame women for not wanting them. If women don't want you it's because you don't have what they want simple as that, it doesn't make you a bad guy , it doesn't make you anything, I don't get on with women either, and I know lots of guys who don't, I'm just not a ladies man. Maybe i'll run into some girl eventually or maybe not. But until then I have a life to live. Why in the HELL would anyone even think of demanding that women pay attention to them?

  34. Reading the posts in this comment section has made me really glad of two things; 1) that I am European 2) that I am a lesbian.

  35. Welcome to the NHK... err I mean TFL. Largely, these are sad people and like any sad person, if they really knew how to not be sad they wouldn't be sad anymore. I also get the impression that they are projecting their own problems on others as well.

  36. Welcome to the NHK... err I mean TFL. I can certainly sympathize and even empathizes to a degree with these people, but I've never needed a companion to be happy on an intellectual level and I think it's partially to due with me being unwilling to make sacrifices.

  37. I have seen some of these videos and I find them very interesting from a mental health point of view. There is a constant depressing negativity that is common to most of them. Most of these people have very poor insight into their condition. One man who posts many of these videos has what I would call high functioning autism or Aspergers. He denies it in his videos but if you listen carefully who can hear the verbosity or over abundance or words. He can not accept the fact that the world is never going to be ordered to his demands and expectations and there is the abrupt transitioning in thought common in all his videos. I would hope that despite his difficulties he could see the need for professional help but sadly he probably won't because it's always someone else's fault.

  38. Gentlemen , count your blessings if you DON'T have a woman. Do you want to listen to bitching and complaining all the time? Do you want to give up your family, friends and everything you like to do to be her houseboy? Do you want to be humilated at social events as your girlfriend/wife makes snide remarks about you in front of other people? Do you want to work hard all week at your job and spend the entire weekend doing chores (and then get yelled at because you haven't done them right). I could go on but I think you get the point. Don't expect foreign women to be any better than American women. First, you may end up bringing half her family to the states at your expense. Then, once she's here, she may be corrupted by her American sisters and divorce you anyway. Friends can provide companionship and if you want loyalty and love, adopt a dog or a cat. They will love you for the rest of their lives. A girlfriend will say she cares about you one day and dump you a week later. A wife can wake up one day, say she's unhappy and take half of what you have worked for and half your future earnings or she can stay with you and nag you to death. The divorce rate in the US is 50% and women initiate 70% of the divorces. That means you have a 35% chance of being ruined, financally and emotionally..and you have no control over it.Those are horrible odds. Stay single and unattached my friends.

  39. Most married guys would LOVE to be free of thier nagging wives. Also, women treat their boyfriends horribly. If you don't have a woman , count your blessings. If you want a loyal and loving companion, adopt a dog or a cat. Have you ever heard the term "steady girlfriend" ? It's a joke. Your steady girlfriend will dump you in a heartbeat if she decides you are "too nice" or "boring." or someone "more exciting" comes along. Marriage: Due to the divorce laws the marraige rates are plunging. Marrying and having children can lead to financial ruin (actually there is a good chance since 50% of all marraiges end in divorce and women intiate 70% of the divorces. That means you have a 35% chance of financial ruin even if you do everything right. ) Those are TERRIBLE odds.All your wife has to do is wake up one day, decide she is not happy and you are wiped out. That's why marriage rates are plunging all over western countries. I am not saying women are evil. It's simply that, as a man you are totally expendable.She can wake up one day , realize she doesn't want you and you are history. Women are not these angels who are going to take you in their arms and make everything right. They are just as ruthless as any man, maybe more so becasue of their priviledged position. Basically if you haven't been snared by a woman you are blessed. If you don't believe me, just Google searches like "Men avoiding women", "Men avoiding marraige " , "Men destroyed by Divorce", "MGTOW" etc. It's all out there. I wish I had this information when I was in High School and college.
    I have a theory that women love material goods (houses, cars, jewels etc), fashion and travel. Men are just a means of paying for these things. I don't know what you guys think but that's the way I see it.

  40. Reading the comments is giving me a headache. No man deserves a woman just because he was born and exists in the world. A woman is not a product you get or a prize. A woman is a human with her own life, her own feelings, thoughts and values. Even in past history it was normally families who decided on their daughters future husband, based on family alliances, or his abilities and character to give their daughter and future grandchildren the same lifestyle they provided. If they could marry her up the social ladder, all the better. Now, women earn their own money and degrees, they are no longer dependent on men for their livelihood. So yes the rules have changed. But even in the past you probably would not have passed muster. Read Charles Dickens Bleak House, there is a clerk who falls madly in love with the main character but he is so ill suited to her that Dickens writes it almost as comedy, but in every era this happens to some men. In this current era of women being able to support themselves you have to bring a lot more to the table and if you have mental, emotional or other problems women don't want a problem person in their life, they are looking at are you a good mate, would you make a good father, would you produce healthy children, can she rely on you physically, mentally, emotionally, are you stable...if you aren't then no she isn't going to be interested. Even if you don't want marriage or kids she still looks for those markers because she is hard wired that way. The stronger she is, the stronger you have to be to attract her.

  41. TFL is real...I know from personal experience. Many people like myself who have Asperger's syndrome have to suffer a life of loneliness, frustration, and isolation. I'm 53 years old and have never had a job or a sexual relationship.

    There is absolutely nothing I can do to persuade a woman, or an employer, to even give me the time of day.

    Oh...and it's much worse when I'm the dream boy of every gay man in town and they won't leave me alone.

    I've had to become very hard.

  42. When women categorically reject you your entire life, there is no such thing as an "innocent" woman to these men.

    Be afraid "ladies" of America. It's only going to get worse. Stay picky!

  43. TFL does not just affect men I know quite a few women that are TFL. TFL for the most part occurs do to lack of social support. Social support as in friends, clubs or groups for them to socialize with. Churches and lodges were great places for this.

  44. One commenter wrote that no man deserves a woman just because he was born. Really? Isnt having a female companion a basic human need, drive, and desire, as are food, water, clothing, money, and medical benefits? You may as well say that no man deserves to breathe and no man deserves food and water just because he was a born. There are many horrible men that dont deserve to be happy, but by the same token, there are also alot of good guys who suffer unjustly in this demonic, devilish world.
    We can blame women for loneliness, and we can blame men, blame society, blame Feminism, etc. Yes theres a whole lot of blame to go around. In America, friendly women are very rare these days. The pretty women in particular are generally unfriendly, unapproachable, or they are already taken. The pretty women are especially shallow and materialistic and only want a guy who is good looking, and who is normal and successful in life. Obviously these shallow women have no interest in guys who are physically ugly, mentally ill, and mentally disabled and jobless.
    The only kinds of men who are happy without a women are gays and ascetics. A straight man without a woman and who is not an ascetic will suffer without a woman.
    I think Nature is more to blame for having loneliness than any other reason. Nature has created people with physical ugliness, mental handicaps, physical handicaps. Nature is cruel, and the creator is cruel to the umpteenth degree. Some blame God and some blame the Devil or Satan and demons. If Satan and demons are to blame for both Natural evil and for Human evil, why is God allowing it? A loving God would not be allowing eons of suffering, death, and evil. It doesnt make sense. Is God cruel, uncaring, insane, unintelligent, or weak and powerless? Why does it seem like the Devil is winning. Theres got to be an evil supernatural bastard behind the evils and miseries in the world. How else to explain such a hellish, miserable cesspool, sadsack, crapsack world as this, and how else to explain its Satanic, evil nature? What a lost cause this world is. The world is a hellhole ruled by evil as all history and prehistory sadly illustrates.