Saturday, July 4, 2009

Joe Biden's Contributions to the Decline of America

On his surprise trip to Iraq during the July 4th weekend, VP Joe Biden mentioned that America is a refuge for immigrants, saying newcomers are the "lifeblood" of the country and that "there's always room for more."

Most Americans do not agree. As we see the legions of indigenous Latin American workers siphoning off wealth, how could we?

Illegal immigrants usually commit the federal crimes of Entry Without Inspection, Employment Without Authorization, and Tax Evasion. Moreover, most of their disposable income is sent back to their home country so the US does not even fully benefit from they buying power!

This brings me to another point about Biden. He recently announced the new White House adviser for violence against women, Lynn Rosenthal. Is he kidding! Violence against women, as a government initiative, presumes that men are not to be acknowledged as victims of violence at the hands of women. It is sexist and misandric and has no place in government.

Joe Biden enables anti-male government action and encourages immigration that we do not need. He needs to go!

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