Friday, April 3, 2009

What Is Behind the Meltdown of Asian American Men?

The Korean Virgina Tech gunman, the Filipino recently arrested by the FBI for racist death threats, and now, Jiverly Voong, opened fire on an Immigration Service Center in upstate NY. This is just the latest in a string of incidents where Asian men have unleashed murderous wrath on innocent people.

Let me begin by saying this is not an anti-Asian American rant. In fact, I acknowledge that the vast majority of Asian American men are hard-working, law-abiding, and upstanding citizens. But what is afoot here? I believe that some Asian men increasingly view this society as unjust and unfair to them who try to do all the right things.

Men's rights advocate, Winston Wu, is legendary for his diatribes against the social isolation to which American society relegates all but a few Asian men. They are expected to live up to unrealistic "positive" stereotypes, shunned by most America women as poorly endowed, and left on the sidelines unless they are needed for calculus advice or engineering services.

While none of the above justifies lashing out in violence, I believe the plight of Asian male isolation is at the root of this trend.

To my Asian brothers, the "American Dream" that your parents spoke so highly of is an illusion meant to dupe us into consumerism and wage slavery. The American women that reject you despite your years of hard work and upright living are not women as much as they are feminists. Do not resort to violence and suicide to air your grievances. Move abroad, remain unmarried, seek foreign women who would love you in ways and for reasons American women could never love you.

We all feel what you guys feel too, but violence will only serve to punish innocent people and vilify the legions of good men among you.

Constructively take charge of your life. Move abroad and free yourself of the delusion of America being the best that life has to offer.

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