Saturday, April 11, 2009

New York Times Debate on Marriage: Join the Fray!

The New York Times is perhaps the most widely read news publication in the world. Recently they published an article and readers' debate entitled Husbands, Wives and Hard Times.

This is an opportunity for all who reject the advisability of marriage to voice your opinion on the men forgoing marriage and how it is a fraud on the American man and his well being. My contribution is as follows:

Marriage is slowly dying in America and the west. What is killing it? Feminism-infected courts that steal wealth from formerly unsuspecting men, rip children from fathers, and presume women are in the right even when they are in the wrong.

Women legally initiate the vast majority of divorces; I've seen figures as high as 60 to 70 percent of divorces being initiated by women.

I have stayed unmarried and I have a bevy of loving young women who I care about. Marriage is drudgery and a bore. The only people who advocate marriage are wealth seeking women and religious zealots.

If a man must marry, and he should not, he should choose a wife from a traditional culture where wifely duties and practices are held in high esteem and not denigrated.

To hell with American marriage!

Follow this link and add your two cents too.

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